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The mentor board (fadderstyret) wish all the new students welcome to the University of Bergen, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science! We hope that the mentorweek (fadderuken) become a success, both for new and old students. Looking forward to see you all during this week!

Program for the Mentorweek (Fadderuken): Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Monday, 10 August

15.00 The mentors retrieves mentorgroups in classrooms, and plan activities for the day. The international students              will be retrieved at their meeting.

18.00 Trip to the aquarium! Tour and free entry. We meet outside Realfagbygget(the science building)

22.00 The evening continues at Tidi


Tuesday 11 August

12.15 to 13.00 ticket sale for Blåtur/Archipelago tirp(U.etg. On Realfagbygget). Tickets cost 100, – and we ony accept cash.

16.00 Archipelago trip! Meet at the main entrance of the Science Building. Bus transport – remember your ticket. It will not be possible to bring glass bottles.

22.00 The evening continues at The Scotsman


Wednesday 12 August

15.00 FIL-good games at the student center. Event for international students, but the students who does not wish to attend the pubcrawl also have the oppurtunity to attend.
Sign up here!

16.30 B2B, bar-to-bar/pubcrawl. Points for party mood and creative costumes. Meet at Muséplass, precise 16.30.

22.00 The evening continues at Aura


Thursday, 13 August

From 12.00 to 15.00 Ticket sale for Gala (U.etg on Realfagbygget). Tickets cost 150, – we only accept cash.

15.00 Sports Day at the student center. Football and dodgeball tournament, registration of teams to the mentorboard(fadderstyret) by Wednesday!

18.30 Movie night, Auditorium 1 Realfagbygget and aud A all street 66, it will be served pizza, soda and popcorn.

22.00 The evening ends at Lille


Friday 14 August

From 12.00 to 15.00 Ticket sale for Gala (U.etg on Realfagbygget). Tickets cost 150, – we only accept cash

17.00 Helhus at Kvarteret: Lectures, speed dating, improv show, live music, DJs and a concert. Not to be missed.


Saturday 15 August

11:00 “Scavenger hunt” – the groups complete tasks at posts to acquire points.
Meet at the entrance to the Science Building(Realfagbygget), points for creative costumes and party mood.

20.00 Gala
Finally, you can take off your sweaty t-shirt and show how classy you really are.
This year the Gala is moved to Grand Selskapslokaler vis-à-vis  hotell Norge – REMEMBER TICKET!


Sunday 16th August

No official plans, the groups make their own plans. Maybe a movie?


Monday August 17th
Realist committee(Realistutvalget) organizes lynpresentasjoner with pizza & soda and a
used book sales at Realfagbygget.

**The mentor board (fadderstyret) can always be found in the basement by the entrance in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. This is where the tickets for both the secret destination-trip and the sciencegala will be sold. Do not hesitate to contact us there; whether it is to ask us a question, or to just have a chat!


Mentorchild t-shirts will be sold at U.etg on Realfagsbygget, monday August 10th, from 10 am  to 4 pm. The price is 100 NOK. Remember to bring cash!

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